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What Dov has done is taught me a repeatable system so I can 'fish' for myself. I have a clearer understanding of how to identify problems my clients have and don't want and how to present a solution that resonates with them in a conversation and/or over email.

Thank you all for your help. I haven't been this excited about my business in a very long time.

Vicki Lauter
Management Consultant
... I’m not like that sales personality, a celebrity, I’m usually like the shy person... but it gave me a really good framework to connect with people and talk to them so I can present the value I bring in.

Interestingly I connected with three prospects and I actually closed all three, I never thought that would happen....

To sum it up, the last 6 weeks I would say more things happened than in the last year. 

Mohamed Jamal
Paid Traffic Consultant