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You spent years mastering your expertise. 
It shouldn't take years to get a consistent flow of your ideal clients.
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Hi, I’m Dov Gordon.  

And if there's one thing I've learned on my journey as a consultant, coach and expert it's this:

You must treat yourself as your own client.

Easy to say. Hard to do.

But just as you wouldn't tolerate your client going about their business in a haphazard, scattered, 'winging it' kind of way - you've got to stop accepting that from yourself.


I bet you've mastered your craft. You're great at what you do.  And yet, you're falling way short of your potential

Why?  Because you don't yet have a simple, repeatable process for getting ideal clients.  Consistently.

You've gotten yourself this far.

​​​Now, isn't it time you took the next step?
Time you mastered a simple plan for getting great clients? 
A plan you believed in?

That's what you can learn in Accelerator.


Going through 'Plenty of Clients' & 'Elegant Sales Conversation' with you has set me up on solid ground. Every so often, I review your material, memories are refreshed and new insights come to light and voila, I'm back on track with "Plenty of Clients."

Your gentle but firm and insightful principles and comments serve me very well thank you. Best business training investment I've ever made, bar none, by miles. 

I'm enormously grateful to you. Thank you for being you and putting your gifts out there for people like me.

Bradley Schmidt
Even though I felt that I had a lot figured out when I started the program, I now realize I have a much better understanding of the processes at play - the underlying structure of the whole sales process. 

I’m much more comfortable in all my client interactions. I have gained a lot in self-confidence and it shows.

Eliminating the self-doubt, not wondering whether you’re making things right or wrong is the key for me.

​​​​​​​Terry Proto

You Will Do the Marketing When You  Believe It Actually Will Work...

In this video, Dov gives a crash-course overview on how to build a simple marketing and selling system that you will actually implement. Consistently.  Why?  Because it's SIMPLE. Logical. And it brings you clients.

Get a glass of wine, pen and notebook.  Take notes.  And then join the Plenty of Clients Accelerator.

A + B + C = D (leads) and E$$$ (clients). Simple. 

Over 15 weeks, we will take you through a series of trainings, exercises and experiences that
will transform how you market and sell your consulting, coaching or other professional services.

If you're tired of not knowing where your next client is coming from,
​​​​​​​it's time to Accelerate.

The Accelerator Program Includes:

Plenty of Clients Training Modules: This is the critical 10% of information that makes you look brilliant 90% of the time. This isn't merely a collection of ideas. It is a carefully crafted induction into fundamental thinking skills. Mental frameworks, if you like. You won’t just passively go through the material either. These hours of video and audio modules and examples are the tools you will use to build your Plenty of Clients system.
Workbooks and Assignments: 100 Days. Broken down into 7 two-week Sprints. Easy to follow PDF workbooks.  Each two-week Sprint systematically helps you take the next step without getting overwhelmed. You always know what to do next. That's builds your confidence because you get things done. And that gets you clients. Consistently.
How to Elegantly Lead Your Next Sales Conversation:  Sales is leadership. Sales isn't 'getting' someone to buy.  When you master this small set of powerful skills, you'll elegantly enroll the best clients - often during your first conversation.  This 7-part training has changed lives on its own. That is the simple truth.  (Sells alone for $497. You get it free, included!)
Oasis Forums.  It's lonely building your own business.  But not here with us!  In our private online forum called "The Oasis" you'll interact with others AND ask Dov and his team unlimited questions.  As you build your marketing system, you'll have questions. And our private Oasis Forum is there for you. Included with Accelerator: 4 months free! (Limited Time! You get an EXTRA 3 months Oasis membership, for a total of 7 months!  That's $197 x 7 = $1,379 value.  Included!)
Monthly Group Q&A Call: Do you want feedback as well? We've got you covered!  Join us for the monthly live video call with Dov.  We'll answer your questions and give you feedback on work you've submitted to us.
Examples and case studies: Sometimes an example illustrates like nothing else can. Dov has coached dozens of our clients going through the same process you'll be following - and you'll have 'courtside' view of hundreds of detailed examples of work and feedback from those clients available in a special section of the Oasis Forums. 
The Mental Toughness Drills: From Week 6, you start getting this series of mental toughness trainings.  And it continues every two weeks for as long as you remain an Oasis member.
Simple "Do the Work" Money-back Guarantee: We've made the Plenty of Clients Accelerator as simple and straight forward as possible.  It's not a 'magic button,' of course.  You must do the work.  And ask questions.

Still, it may not be right for everyone.  So you are protected by our 'do the work' guarantee:

Go through the training as laid out.  Post questions or 'aha's in the Oasis Forums at least 9 times on nine separate days over your first four weeks.  That way we both know you're taking it seriously. 

If before Day 30 you feel the Accelerator isn't for you, email us and we'll refund your investment.

It's time to transform your haphazard marketing
​​​​​​​into a consistent flow of ideal clients

Single payment:
Three payments:
3 x $700

"This, more than anything, is what tied the pieces together..."

"Since I met Dov, I have a clear path, so I don't stop. Even if my pace is slow. I don't feel stuck (anymore). The model... has changed everything for me. The Elegant Sales Conversation has helped enormously as well.

What I now understand that I previously didn't is that with all of Dov's structures and paradigms, I no longer need to stop or get stuck or lose confidence. This is pretty darn awesome, don't you think?

I've changed in that I see a clear direction whereas before I didn't know how the HECK I was going to get to my goal. I have also revamped EVERYTHING thanks to the Accelerator.  This course has made me feel COMPLETELY BETTER. ...The path is clear, each day I ask myself the one small step question, and I understand that integration of all this material takes time... and that's OK. 

Can't see how anyone could ask for better than this.

I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone because although I don't believe there's a one size fits all, this one comes pretty close to being that."

Shelley M.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the modules in the PoC Accelerator?

A:  We break the marketing funnel into six parts.  And the Accelerator has you building your funnel, piece by piece:

1) Marketing Helium: This is strategic. You get into the heart and mind of your ideal clients.  So when you talk, write or present - you know what will move them to action.

2) Simple, Compelling Message: Builds on top of Marketing Helium.  It's how you stand out from your first impression. And continue to be different every chance you get afterwards.

3) Hand-Raising-Free-Offer.  Or HaRFO:  Now, you'll present your expertise in a way draws your ideal clients to you.  If they see your ideas and think, "Oh, you're just like all the others, and they couldn't help me."  They'll think you can't help, either.  So instead, you're going to present your ideas and information in a way that leads your ideal clients to react with "Oh!  I've never heard anyone say it that way! That's interesting! Tell me more!"

To get that reaction, you will create a unique framework for talking about what you do.  Then, you'll expand on it and create what you can use as a lead magnet, signature talk, webinar, key note, or any other presentation designed to draw your ideal clients to you.  Others charge thousands of dollars to help you with any one of these.  Here, it's all included in the Accelerator.

4) Get Noticed Sequence:  Finally, we get to tactics.  Here you design the simplest possible plan for getting in front of your ideal clients.  Consistently.

5) Elegant Sales Conversation: You're probably good with people.  But selling might leave you feeling awkward and out of control.  You get our 7+ hour training, "How to Elegantly Lead Your Next Sales Conversation." This alone sells for $497. Included free!

6) Easy Yes! Offer:  Finally, you'll build your offers and proposals in a way that makes it easier for your ideal clients to say "Yes!" than to say No.

None of this is rehashed from other people's stuff.  If you've been on my list a while, you know that we strive for simplicity on the far side of complexity.  There's nuance here.  Depth.  Everything is highly practical and "next-step" focused.

You'll learn more from implementing than from mere studying.  Our focus is to help you understand enough to implement consistently.

Q: Does this apply to B2B as well as B2C?
Yes.   Plenty of Clients Accelerator is designed for consultants, coaches and experts who want to be well paid for their expertise.  It perfect for any  professional services - and products that have an educational or expertise component.

If, however, you run a restaurant, a tourist attraction or you've developed a new brand of ketchup, I recommend you look for something more suitable.

Q: Is this about social media, Facebook Ads, webinars or other complicated online marketing?
No.  I believe that to add a consistent $100k - $500k to your income each year as a consultant, coach or expert you need to focus on SIMPLE

Our approach is tactic agnostic. Every tactic can work and every tactic can fail.  You will choose a tactic that fits your personality and can help you build the flow of clients YOU want.

Q: Is there a specific start date?
A:  This is a self-guided program, so you start when you sign up.  Each month we run a live group-consulting call for all members of our Oasis Forums.  You'll be invited to those calls because you get four  seven months in the Oasis free. (Valued at $197 x 4 7 = $1,182! $1,379!!)

Q: Will it teach things like LinkedIn marketing and how to build email Autoresponders?
A:  Well, no.  And yes. 

No, because we don't have training specifically about these tactics.

Yes, because the foundation work you do in the Accelerator will then be the fuel to help you succeed in any tactic of your choice.  

If you want to know if the Accelerator can help you with something specific, ask me. Use the chat below to send me a question.

Q: How is Accelerator different than the 100 Day Sprint Coaching Program?

A:  You may have heard of our 'Plenty of Clients 100 Day Sprint' coaching program. How do these two programs compare?

The Plenty of Clients Accelerator (the program on this page) is self-guided, with unlimited Q&A support from us. It's great if you're motivated and you want insight, a framework and schedule so you always know what to do next.

The Plenty of Clients 100 Day Sprint (the coaching program) includes lots of hands-on coaching  and mentorship from Dov and his team.  They work with you and lead you through the same processes but with feedback, more calls, and lots of individual attention.

The Accelerator is more affordable and the perfect next step for thousands.
Q: Where should you be in your business to benefit most from this program? Starting out, some clients, defined a product/service, determining one, already identified a target market etc?

A: Great question.  

PoC Accelerator will help you at all of those stages.  

If you're further along in your business, and don't have ideal clients consistently, it likely means you've been struggling. And doing things that haven't been working so well.  Or what used to work, isn't working any more.

Accelerator can certainly help you get back on the right track - with a strong foundation this time.

And if you're just getting started, you'll get on the right track from the very beginning.  Saving you lots of frustration and time. 
Still have questions? Use the chat box... We'll get back to you.